Disco Eyes (Champagne and Fries) NYE Party!


disco eyes nye.

POMKT x Gabriella Bordo

Happy New Year, friends!! We were so excited to host makeup artist and POMKT soul sister, Gabriella Bordó for a NYE pre-party!

Gabriella takes a different approach to makeup. She believes in building a healthy relationship with adornments, and making the application centered around art, creativity, individuality and fun. You are perfect as you are, and we had a little party to celebrate the uniqueness of each face and watched in awe as Gabriella worked her magic on all those beautiful eyes.

Demonstrated by the makeup brands we sell at POMKT, we believe in Cosmic self care.

We are so proud to carry Fat and The Moon, Poppy and Someday, Bell Mountain Naturals and French Girl Organics. In the words of Fat and The Moon, “we take the root word of ‘cosmetics,’ ‘kosmos,’ seriously. Kosmos meaning order, to arrange and ornament. Our cosmetics aim to adorn, rather than cover, the unique arrangement of each personal galaxy.” In other words, we really love shaking what your mama gave you.

Thank you for ringing in the New Year with us and celebrating natural, organic beauty!!