Our Market: Think, Art Bodega

The vision of Powell Market is to open the doors of our photo studio and to provide a community gathering space.   Born from our love for our corner bodega in NYC, where we lived for over a decade, we want our shop to be an extension of your kitchen, where you can grab what you need quickly when you're in a hurry, or hang and chat us up when you're in the mood to chill. 

We offer a little bit of everything: household items, beauty essentials, oils, soaps, candles, lotions, moon dust, crystals, linens, childrens' goods, art, and our petite bar is ready for you to order a glass of bubbly and hang in the shop.  Powell Market’s aim is to know our customers as friends.  We want you to feel at home.  

Our dream is to bring the feel of our Brooklyn neighborhood market to downtown Chattanooga. In addition to providing carefully curated provisions, we are creating a space where neighbors, families and artists can gather not only to shop, but for workshops, pop ups, tastings and conversation.  While living in NYC, we fell in love with the constant mixture of flavors, and the shops and markets that cater so closely to the community they serve.  Powell Market is an experience, mixing many years in NYC with our Southern hospitality roots in order to nurture and grow with this beautiful city.