Aura Photography with Mood by Moss!!

We can never thank you all enough for making this weekend so magical!! We ended up having a portrait session for every single space. So. much. fun.

Special thank you to Carrie and Bart for making the journey to TN to share their talent with our beautiful town! We loved seeing everyone’s gorgeous photos and hearing about how special the experience was! If we did not get a chance to grab your photo, please feel free to email it to us so we can add it to our gallery!

It’s amazing how every shot was so unique and when two people were photographed together, they made something new. What an experience.

Thank you all so very much. We are so grateful for you!!


Julie and Bo

Photography Studio Rentals

We offer studio rental rates for photographers and film crews.  We know finding a studio space is tough.  We give you room to stretch out and go with your creative flow.  Please inquire for rates. We offer half and full day packages, and Bo and Julie are on hand to answer any questions you have to help you facilitate your shoots. We do offer student discounts to blooming photographers who want to practice their studio skills.  It's important to do, and we encourage it.


Full day shoot Studio Area Only = $400
Student Discount with valid Student ID = 15% off

Full Day Shoot (Entire studio and shop) Available on Tuesdays only = $1200

Deposit required for all shoots.
48 hour cancellation notice required
Crew Size limit, but let's talk about your specific needs and make it work.
We can't wait to see you!



your next shoot with pomkt studio.

Julie and Bo's Photography clients include:

Conde Nast Traveler
Architectural Digest
Honest Co.
Domino Magazine
Austin Monthly
San Antonio Magazine
Austin Home
UGG Australia
Rolling Stone
Nate Berkus
Jeremiah Brent
Getty Images
To check out more of our work, we invite you to visit our photo site.

Interested in Hosting a Workshop, Class or Creative Event Here?


pomkt x you.

host something amazing together. this is an adventure.

We can’t wait to talk about your vision! Each project, artist, maker and dream is different, so we are happy to work with you to make your workshop here pure magic. While each event is unique, we typically follow this pricing structure guide. DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE.

Give us a shout if you have questions, ideas, concerns about budget or specific needs that you want to brainstorm. We can’t wait to hear from you!

When we host a workshop, we provide drinks, snacks, music and good vibes. We always have at least one member of our team here on hand working hard and here to help. We can work with you to promote your workshop via our social media channels, and because we can’t put our camera down, we love the opportunity to photograph the good times that we have here!

Being part photography studio and part lifestyle/creative market, our space offers the attendees of your workshop with a unique experience. We offer the additional bonus of opening up our store to private shopping before, during and after all events and workshops. We can give your audience tailored attention and offer them one on one information about our curated collection of products here at POMKT.

We are always hard at work adding creative opportunities to our calendar! We cannot wait to talk to you. For now, here are some shots from some of our recent events. (We have a good time in this space).


Julie and Bo

Interested in hosting an event in our space?


events. gatherings.

are really pretty at pomkt

Our photo studio serves as a hub for creativity, and we are so happy for you to join in on the fun!  We rent our space for gallery shows, small parties, workshops, pop ups and gatherings.  We host events here, and we're happy to help you host yours as well.  Our price guide for events is based on a sliding scale and depends upon the number of people, dates, times and availability. Give us a shout, and we’ll work with you and your budget. Our pricing structure begins at $500 for 2 hour private parties and $1200 for larger, longer private event parties. And, because we know every event, budget and vision is extremely different, we are open to working with you to meet your needs whenever possible.

All vendors, decor and catering must be approved by POMKT at least 2 weeks prior to the event. A non-refundable deposit is also required.

Our space is already full of positive energy and art vibes.  Come party with us.  

Disco Eyes (Champagne and Fries) NYE Party!


disco eyes nye.

POMKT x Gabriella Bordo

Happy New Year, friends!! We were so excited to host makeup artist and POMKT soul sister, Gabriella Bordó for a NYE pre-party!

Gabriella takes a different approach to makeup. She believes in building a healthy relationship with adornments, and making the application centered around art, creativity, individuality and fun. You are perfect as you are, and we had a little party to celebrate the uniqueness of each face and watched in awe as Gabriella worked her magic on all those beautiful eyes.

Demonstrated by the makeup brands we sell at POMKT, we believe in Cosmic self care.

We are so proud to carry Fat and The Moon, Poppy and Someday, Bell Mountain Naturals and French Girl Organics. In the words of Fat and The Moon, “we take the root word of ‘cosmetics,’ ‘kosmos,’ seriously. Kosmos meaning order, to arrange and ornament. Our cosmetics aim to adorn, rather than cover, the unique arrangement of each personal galaxy.” In other words, we really love shaking what your mama gave you.

Thank you for ringing in the New Year with us and celebrating natural, organic beauty!!

POMKT mini

End of year round up of the wee babes that we love so much!! Mamas and Papas, thank you so much for sharing our space with us!!

And, a special thank you to Ranelle Design who created the floral crowns that we got to include in so many of these special photo sessions.




A Celebration of the Sacred Process: Happy Christmas

We love the process, the many incarnations of the final piece and then the many ways we rework it afterwards. We’re releasing a new series of POMKT videos celebrating art, artists we love and above all, the journey of our process. Our first piece documents Abel Macias’ process of painting our amazing love fest mural in our shop. Every morning when we arrive, we feel like we’re walking into our imagination. That is not easy for an artist to capture, but Abel did.

One of our biggest jobs and most precious goals is to provide a safe space for people to create, and we are so grateful for that experience. Here, we celebrate the behind the scenes of making our sacred space what it is, and our gratitude to our sweet friend, Abel, who gave our studio such a personal and special touch that we could have never achieved on our own.

As the year draws to a close, we cannot thank you enough for letting us be a part of your village, Chattanooga! Thank you for embracing our space that we love so much. We have so much in store for the new year. We promise to be useful, creative and nurturing members of this amazing community. We are building something beautiful here. This is an adventure.


Julie and Bo

Hey Mamas and Dadas!

When we became parents, we discovered an entire new world of fun stuff - baby and kid stuff! OMG, what?!  It's so cute!  There are so many amazing brands out there for the babes, and we're on top of it for you.  In our lifestyle shop, we have a children's corner that is carefully curated with a selection of our favorite books, toys, clothing, blankets and swaddles.  We are the perfect place for baby shower gifts, Birthday presents and making a normal day into a super freaking fun day with your kids.  

We love families, and we love to support families.  One of our biggest photography clients is Honest Co.  We have photographed their campaigns and styled shoots with babies in yurts with alpacas in TX, crawling on the beach in Malibu and swimming pools in the hills of CA.  We've teamed up with Domino Mag for nursery tips, and we are here to help you style yours!  We LOVE doing it.  Stop by today to shop.  We'll hold your baby for free.  


Julie,  Bo and Goldie


Shot from our feature with Domino Mag:

You’re going to spend a lot of time in this space. So design it for you both. A good chair, a comfy floor cushion to sit on, a cozy nook to cuddle up in and read,” suggests Holder. “Build a space that makes you feel something other than exhausted at the 4am feeding.

- Julie for Domino Magazine

Dreamy Nursery Inspiration featuring some of the brands we carry in our shop!

Apothecary & Home

We are a lifestyle brand, and we're filling our shop with products we have photographed, styled with and produced campaigns around.  We sell hand picked apothecary items, oils, soaps, lotions and artisan goods.  All of our health and beauty items are all natural and tested by us.  If we don't really freaking love it... like text our friends, 'omg, have you tried this stuff,' love it, then it's not in our shop.  

We're fast when you're in a hurry and we're chill when you just want to talk shop.  Julie will talk to you about skin care for hours.  Both locally and globally sourced, our inventory covers it all.  Whether it's something for yourself, or a beautiful gift, we got you covered.

Our Market: Think, Art Bodega

The vision of Powell Market is to open the doors of our photo studio and to provide a community gathering space.   Born from our love for our corner bodega in NYC, where we lived for over a decade, we want our shop to be an extension of your kitchen, where you can grab what you need quickly when you're in a hurry, or hang and chat us up when you're in the mood to chill. 

We offer a little bit of everything: household items, beauty essentials, oils, soaps, candles, lotions, moon dust, crystals, linens, childrens' goods, art, and our petite bar is ready for you to order a glass of bubbly and hang in the shop.  Powell Market’s aim is to know our customers as friends.  We want you to feel at home.  

Our dream is to bring the feel of our Brooklyn neighborhood market to downtown Chattanooga. In addition to providing carefully curated provisions, we are creating a space where neighbors, families and artists can gather not only to shop, but for workshops, pop ups, tastings and conversation.  While living in NYC, we fell in love with the constant mixture of flavors, and the shops and markets that cater so closely to the community they serve.  Powell Market is an experience, mixing many years in NYC with our Southern hospitality roots in order to nurture and grow with this beautiful city.

We Love Families, babies and kiddos.

We are parents, first and foremost.  The most important thing we do is love and take care of our child.  Powell Market is designed to make life easy for families.

With support for the community with new mama and baby donation days, new mama circles and the precious collection of toys, clothing and gifts for your wee ones, we know it takes a village.  We're proud to be a part of yours.

In our shop, you will find all organic, hand made children’s goods, 100% natural and safe teethers, as well as organic salves, lotions, oils and apothecary treasures for babies and mamas alike.

We will also be offering seasonal photography sets for little ones, and we can’t wait to see you!

Mamas and Dadas, we got this!


Julie + Bo


Honest Co.

Still from our SS 2018 Campaign Shoot.

Even in our photography work, we strive to collaborate we brands we trust.  We proudly shoot for Honest Co., and have the pleasure of connecting with parents and children from across the world while working on their global campaigns.  

Flower Byrdie


We Love Flowers.

And so we wanted to work with florists and farmers and designers in our studio and shop. Sarah and Matthew of Southerly Flower Farms have created a beautiful floral install in our window, and we could not love it more!!

We have also worked with this amazing couple to build seasonal floral drenched sets for children. Currently, we have up our December winter set for the kids. Bo and I stay busy with commercial work, but we wanted to give parents what they want and give kids a chance to play and cut loose in our space. So, we decide to build seasonal sets for kids - win/win!

These photo shoots are limited time offers. Check out our Instagram for flowery updates. We’ll let you know when we have installs and special sets for you and your littles.


Come Check out our beautiful installations and seasonal sets!

If there wasn't photography, there'd be flowers. Now we get to offer both.

Our Shop & Our Studio.

When we decided to open up Powell Market, our main goal was to open the doors of our photography studio and fill it with our creative community And so, the lifestyle portion of our space was born.  We are uniquely tailored to fit our neighborhood's needs.  Much like the bodegas of NYC and Brooklyn, we pack a punch in our shop.  And the best part is, we really pride ourselves on curating for you. We don't want you to be overwhelmed in our shop.  We want you to find exactly what you need, as well as something new you have never tried, every single time you shop with us.

We sell hand picked apothecary treasures, oils, soaps, lotions, florals, and artisan goods.  All of our health and beauty items are all natural and tested by us.  If we don't really freaking love it... like text our friends, 'omg, have you tried this stuff,' love it, then it's not in our shop.  

Both locally and globally sourced, our inventory covers it all.  Wether it's something sweet for yourself or a beautiful gift, we got you covered.    Our door is open to you, and we can't wait to see you at the studio shop.