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POMKT is a Creative Marketplace


Who We Are &
What We Do.

When we decided to open Powell Market, our main goal was to open the doors of our photography studio and fill it with our creative community. And so, the lifestyle portion of our space was born.

Think, 'Art Bodega'

Powell Market is a concept shop and creative market located in Chattanooga, TN. We are a lifestyle shop, a photo studio and a hub for community events. Our offerings are always evolving and may include locally sourced florals, artwork and apothecary treasures... all in one unified space.

We are a living print magazine, refreshing constantly with the latest lifestyle trends. We are a neighborhood spot to foster ideas and nurture the community.

We are a lifestyle brand. We are photographers. We are a husband and wife team who want people to congregate in our creative space. Our photo studio is an extension of our store. Powell Market is not just about shopping, it's about creating an environment where people enjoy just being in our space.

Come hang. We can't wait to see you!

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