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'Modern Day Goddess' by Carson Whittaker: An Art Opening

Carson Whittaker Invitation.jpg

Join us to celebrate POMKT’s own, Carson Whittaker as she shows her new ambitious work, Modern Day Goddess.

Some the many characteristics we love about Carson include her endless wonder, enthusiasm and deep positivity. This work embodies that light she possesses, and we are so excited to host this special opening! This event is FREE to the public, and we look forward to seeing you there!! All work will be available for purchase directly from the artist, and POMKT will have special sales for all in attendance on this special night.

From the artist:

I use contemporary paintings to express concepts that are based off of experiences of social interactions in daily life. My most recent exploration has been focused on portraiture of the modern day goddesses that I find myself surrounded and inspired by on a day to day basis. As an optimist, I cannot help but see the very best qualities in the people around me. The women in my life have been very influential. This is a celebration of feminine energy and an exploration into the multitude of ways to be a woman.

My observations and talks with women I have met revealed that each of them have unique characteristics that empower them as individuals. I call these characteristics their super power and this is where I begin my portrait process. I interview my models to get more context about their personality and spirit so I can make a painting that feels like them. I want to use my paintings to highlight their divine traits and depict a portrait of their physical nature as well as their spiritual nature. I want to create work that recognizes the divinity in every day women and exalts them for connecting to that authentic part of themselves. If more women can recognize and embrace what makes makes them feel empowered (their superpowers), society could be impacted for the better. Body positivity and diversity are important elements of my work. I hope that it speaks to many different types of women. My current body of work is an exploration in color theory to evoke moods, feelings and a connection with my viewer. Color plays a huge role in the message I am sending and I feel it is a way to get the viewer to tap into their intuition to discover the feelings in the piece. Take a look at my online portfolio to see what I've been working on here.

Carson Whittaker Invitation.jpg
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Artist Bio:

Carson Whittaker is an emerging artist from Chattanooga, Tn. Her illustrative paintings, portraits are observations from the female perspective and  focus on showing the divine qualities of people. Her relationships with the complex and astonishing women in her life are a huge source of inspiration. Other inspirations come from nature, music and social environments. After studying print making and earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2D studio art from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Carson moved on to create work in the screen printing industry. With a great urge to experience all that the creative world has to offer, Carson makes artwork that spans across a variety of genres. Whether it be event painting, building functional art, making woodblock prints or building art installations, you can be sure there is always a plan for the next project cooking in her head. She is a dreamer by nature but has the motivation and drive to make her dreams into reality.  Carson loves to use her art to inspire others to play, learn, imagine and see magic in the world around them.