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A U R A Photography at POMKT!

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A U R A photography.

at POMKT February 22 and 23. get pumped y’all.

Oh my goodness!! Guys!! This is a two day event at POMKT, and we are beyond excited to announce that MOOD by MOSS will be in Chattanooga with their traveling tent, photographing auras in our shop!

What does this mean? Aura photography is a way to view your Electromagnetic Field (also known as your aura) using special equipment developed for this purpose only. MOOD by MOSS utilizes biofeedback technology of the AuraCam 6000 to reveal your ephemeral energy. Each aura portrait session is followed by an interpretation of your current auric state. You can come in, have your aura photographed, and leave with a print of it. So. Fun.


“We are all individuals and we all have the ability to change the type of energy we are emitting. These photos are a representation of what your energy looks like in that moment as it is very easily influenced by your thoughts and emotions and reaction to your surrounding environment whether it be consciously or subconsciously. Our ability to empower our  own thoughts and emotions become so apparent once we realize we can change our purposefully change our auras with intentional understanding. “

MOOD by MOSS is owned by Carrie Moss, an Aura Nomad. She travels the country photographing people and their auras and telling them what their aura color means. We will have the MOOD by MOSS tent in the shop for two days of aura reading goodness. Now is an amazing time to check in with yourself and to see where you are. Carrie is such a sweet spirit, a fast friend, and we first met her when having our auras photographed in Austin, TX last year. We immediately knew that we wanted to share this adventure as soon as we could at POMKT.

We have been looking forward to this for months, and we’re so excited for you all to share in this amazing experience!